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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Physicians offer hormone replacement therapy (HRT) – an anti-aging hormone imbalance health procedure. Hormone replacement of estrogen, testosterone and other hormones in women and men via creams, pellet therapy or other methods increases female and male libido, weight loss, muscle tone and decreases menopause, andropause and more.

There are different methods of HRT, synthetic pharmaceuticals and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Haven't heard of BHRT? It may surprise you to know that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, via creams, pellet therapy or other delivery methods, have been used successfully by patients throughout Europe and the United States since the 1930's. Studies suggest bio-identical hormones are not only safe, but beneficial to the health of those using them.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can help men and women renew their lives.

BHRT Hormone Benefits for Women

BHRT Hormone Benefits for Men

There are important differences between HRT, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and synthetic hormone replacement that doctors use today. Foremost, BHRT appears much safer than synthetic hormones. Synthetic hormones have been known to increase the risk of breast cancer and heart disease whereas BHRT appears to have very few & minimal side effects.

Learn more about the differences between BHRT & Synthetic Hormones.

Women and men who have a quest to live their lives to full mental, physical, emotional and sexual capacity can now renew their lives. HRT and Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can return men and women to their physiological state of their 30's.

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