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Welcome to Hormone Wizard, The Authoritative Website about Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) since 2006.  

Originally, Hormone Wizard was created to help build awareness of a BHRT medical practice, for Richard W. Lucey, MD, who happens to be my Father.  Dr. Lucey’s patients often called him the “Hormone Wizard” because of his uncanny ability to diagnose and treat hormonal imbalances in both women AND men.  So when it came to naming the site, Hormone Wizard was the clear choice.  While our name is fun, we take the information we provide on this site very seriously.  For this reason, all of our medical content was either written or approved by a healthcare provider.  

Since our Hormone Wizard site has 10 years of history educating the public about Bio-identical HRT, Hormone Wizard is easily found on the internet by people all over the world. In the public search for hormonal imbalance relief, people have often asked if we knew of a doctor offering bioidentical HRT near them.  Thus, it was a natural progression to create a directory of healthcare providers offering Bio-identical HRT, as well as other anti-aging services. 

Today, the Hormone Wizard site has truly evolved into a location of 'One Stop Shopping' where prospective clients can find Reliable Information, Anti-Aging Doctors, Products and Services!  

By maintaining a growing platform of healthcare provider written articles, videos and photo albums, Hormone Wizard continues to educate readers about hormones and the core role they play in anti-aging medicine.  Our visitors can post healthcare provider and product reviews, aiding the Hormone Wizard visitor community in making more educated decisions.  If you love your doctor, post a review so other visitors can see how great the healthcare provider is before becoming a patient. Often healthcare providers and product vendors post special offers and events. To take advantage of special offers, be sure to review the top categories on a their profile page. 

Hormone Wizard has 15,000 Plus Healthcare Providers Listed!

Hormone Wizard isn’t a Network of physicians that list ONLY their doctors in their directory.  Our directory is open to ALL healthcare providers offering Bio-identical HRT and related anti-aging services and products.  Our visitors benefit from the largest selection of healthcare providers in their local area.  You could say, Hormone Wizard is to the Anti-Aging Industry what Expedia is to the Travel Industry.  We provide consumers with as many options as possible so they can find the ideal healthcare provider and the best deals in their area.   

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