Telomerase Activation

Telomerase Activation and Aging

Telomerase Activate - A NOVEL Nobel Prize Winning Discovery

2009 saw the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine go toward the discovery of “How chromosomes are protected by Telomeres and the Enzyme Telomerase.” Telomerase activation has been the focus of a tremendous degree of scientific study since the benefits were discovered in 1984.

Serving as a kind of ‘Chromosome Defender’, Telomeres prevent the rapid deterioration of our chromosomes during the ongoing duplication process. As the telomeres shorten, the cells age. The process of Telomerase Activity and aging works to prevent the shortening of the telomeres in our cells, and supplementation of this process should be considered a vital part of any anti-aging treatment.

Telomere Activation Therapy – Key to Longevity?

Increase Your Quality of Life by Activating Your Telomeres

Eat Right, get Plenty of Rest and Exercise, and maintain a Healthy Lifestyle has been the prescribed path for those who want to Stay Young, Healthy, Full of Life and Energy…Who Doesn’t? But even with that kind of time, focus and commitment there is going to be a rate of aging and deterioration of your physical structure. Those who want to Challenge That Process are pursuing the recent scientific studies that point to Shortened Telomeres as the cause of that deterioration, and are Reversing the Process with Telomerase Activation.

Introduce YOUR Body – Telomere Sciences

The Genes attached to your chromosomes are at any one moment directing TRILLIONS of cells to replicate, simply as part of the natural processes that keep us alive and healthy. The ends of these chromosomes are protected by ‘Telomeres’ that are analogous to the Plastic Tips on our Shoestrings. These play no part in our genetic replication other than to prevent the chromosomes from ‘fraying’ over time, and insures that our ‘copies’ are crisp and clear.

These ‘defenders’ give up a bit of themselves with each duplication and eventually, when they get too short to continue, cause the cells to go into ‘replicative senescence’. This means that they are no longer able to replicate themselves; and the resulting effect contributes to the various conditions we refer to as ‘Old Age’.

Studies have shown that the percentage of the population Over 60, with Long Telomeres, have increased Heart Health and Immune Systems as compared to age related counterparts with shorter Telomeres, and that these differences are directly related to the aging process.

Though Professor Hayflick successfully established that cells were limited in the number of times that they could replicate (Termed the Hayflick Limit) and that this stoppage caused the cells to become ‘old’, he did not know the cause of the restriction. It was a full 30 years later that McMaster University’s Calving Harley and Carol Greider at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory discovered that the Telomere Shortening were directly responsible for the onset of the Hayflick Limit.

TA65 – Telomerase Activate & Nutritional Supplement

Addressing ‘Targeted Cells’ can not only increase cell longevity, but also an improved quality of life. Testing has already shown improvements in the areas of:

Skin Appearance
Immune System
Male Sexual Performance and MORE

Discover your Real Biological Age, and Measure the Length of Your Telomeres! Understand how TA-65 CAN help you intervene with the aging process, and improve your health and vitality.

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