Posted by Patricia Cardona on 06/28/2016

Treat Seasonal Allergies Naturally & Effectively

Treat Seasonal Allergies Naturally & Effectively

Summer is here and just as you get excited about enjoying the outdoors, you're hit with seasonal allergies.  Sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, itchy watery eyes, even hives.

While there are many allergy medications available on the market, they often cause unwanted side effects. Using nature-based products can be a useful way to treat mild-moderate seasonal allergies.

  • The herb Butterbur has shown to be effective in controlling hay fever symptoms. 1 tablet taken four times a day can be as effective as an antihistamine, without causing drowsiness.
  • 500mg a day of the bioflavonoid compound Quercetin has also been found to be effective in reducing allergy symptoms by potentially controlling the release of histamine which triggers the allergic response.  Some believe the addition of Bromelain makes it even more effective.
  • A saline nasal spray or neti pot can be used to wash out pollen and reduce or thin out the mucous that builds up.

Homeopathy is an incredible treatment for environmental allergies, however because it is a holistic medicine it is not prescribed for the illness but for the person.  A totality of symptoms (mental/emotional/physical) is necessary to prescribe the remedy accurately. 

Nevertheless, below are a few remedies that are commonly used to treat allergy symptoms.

Allium Cepa:  Profuse runny nose with a burning, acrid nasal discharge that can make the nose or under the nose red and raw. Red, watery eyes with non-burning (bland) tears and a desire to rub the eyes

Arsenicum:  Stuffed up nose alternating nostrils or is worse on the right side. Profuse, clear, watery nasal discharge and wheezing. Worse midnight and 2 a.m. with sneezing spells, tossing, restlessness and a desire to drink in small sips. Chilly and anxious.

Euphrasia:  Bland nasal discharge. Red eyes from burning (acrid), thick eye secretions. Mainly eye symptoms. Worse open air, sunlight and wind.

Gelsemium:  Violent sneezing with nasal discharge. Thirstlessness even though mucous membranes are dry. Heavy eyelids so person can hardly open them. Dull headache, chill running up and down spine. 

Pulsatilla:  Red, itchy, watery eyes with bland tears. Stuffy nose, wheezing, coughing and thirstlessness. Desire for open air, worse in stuffy room. Yellow nasal or eye discharge. Needy or whiny disposition.

Nux Vomica:  Violent sneezing (sneezing attacks) upon waking. Congested chest (feeling as if it fills with mucus, stuffed up nose, chilly, better in doors. Irritable, desire for stimulants and warmth.

Urticaria:  Itching, burning, stinging, red blotches or bumps. Worse touching, heat. Hives

The best way to get the right remedy for you is to see a Homeopath.

However if you can clearly see your symptoms in one particular remedy, you can pick it up at a health food store or some grocery stores. Keep in mind, you do not have to have all the symptoms, but the remedy should include all of your symptoms. 

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