Anti-Aging Botox Treatment

Botox is the most popular form of non-surgical facial rejuvenation in the United States today. Approved for cosmetic use in 2002, Botox (Botulinum toxin type A) has proven to be a safe and effective means of temporarily reducing or eliminating facial wrinkles.

The toxins work by relaxing nerve impulses to the various muscles into which it is injected, like those that cause frown lines, smile lines and crow’s feet. As a result, the muscle activity that causes wrinkles is reduced and so are the wrinkles.

Side Effects
Discomfort is minimal, as very small needles are used for the injections and downtime is virtually non-existent. Some bruising may occur at the injection sites, but typically a patient can return to work and other normal activity right from the practitioner’s office. There are few risks associated with anti-aging Botox treatments, but one downside is that the results are relatively short-lasting - about four to six months. Repeated treatments are necessary to maintain the desired effect.

Learn more about anti-aging Botox treatment to decide if you want to incorporate this type of skin care into your anti-aging program. Review articles and educational notes, many doctor-written, to make an informed decision today!

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