Hormone Replacement Therapy Pellets

Hormone Pellets

BHRT and HRT Pellets

Why should you consider the use of hormone pellets? Hormone pellets (BHRT) are simple, safe and effective. Understanding how the body utilizes the hormones estrogen and testosterone will help you understand how pellet therapy works. When the human body is under mental or physical stress it requires higher levels of estrogen and testosterone to function at it's best. Pellets, unlike other methods, allow your body to engage the hormones, estrogen and testosterone as they are needed. As an example, when you are stressed your heart rate will rise and cause your blood flow to increase. As the increased blood flows over the pellets, your body's built-in regulation system will search for just the right amount of hormones and release the hormones into the bloodstream. Similarly, when the body is exercised, a thermal release from the muscles will cause the body to search for the necessary hormones to function properly. For your body to work optimally 24 hours a day, it requires consistent blood levels of estrogen and testosterone. All other forms of hormone delivery (pills, patches, creams,gels, sublingual tablets and self-injections) fall in second place to pellet therapy because they can't offer consistent blood levels of estrogen and testosterone. To be effective these other delivery methods are often given in higher doses twice a day causing peaks and valleys. There are many studies that have shown pellet therapy to be superior to these other hormone delivery methods.

Hormone Pellet Therapy Advantages

Pellets offer estrogen and/or testosterone hormones identical to those your body used to make in abundance in your youth.
Pellet therapy is the superior method of hormone delivery because pellets work automatically with your body. The hormones are secreted in small amounts throughout the day. When the body requires more hormones due to mental or physical stress, the pellets are always available 24 hours a day in the correct amount for the body to use. No other delivery method can offer this consistency of hormones released into the bloodstream.

Pellet therapy is safer and more effective than other methods because the lowest dose can be administered with better results. For other methods to be effective, they often require higher doses of medicine to be administered two times a day.

Pellets are a hassle free and convenient form of hormone replacement. Once hormone pellets are inserted, you don't have to be concerned with remembering to take your pills or rubbing on your cream twice a day.

Pellets are the most effective form of hormone replacement because they help bring the body back to a physiological state of their 30's!

For both men and women:
Pellets successfully increase your libido - sex drive
Pellets accelerate fat burning offering greater capacity for weight loss
Pellets replenish your energy giving you more strength throughout the day
Pellets increase your mental clarity and focus
Pellets increase the skin's elasticity
Pellets guard bones from osteoporosis and encourage bone growth
Pellets improve blood flow
Pellets reduce sleep disturbances
Pellets reduce the risk of heart disease
Pellets reduce mood swings and irritability
Pellets help reduce depression
Pellets enhance your overall quality of life

Additionally for Women:
Pellets help eliminate or reduce hot flashes
Pellets reduce night sweats and insomnia
Pellets prevent vaginal thinning and dryness
Protects against fibrocystic breast

Additionally for Men:
Pellets help reduce male breast enlargement
Pellets helps with erectile dysfunction

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