Low Testosterone Treatments

Cause of Low Testosterone Levels

Low Testosterone is the lack of a steady flow of testosterone, or androgens. Testosterone levels peak during men's late 20’s. As males increase age their ability to produce testosterone decreases thus resulting in low testosterone levels.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

Without normal levels of testosterone, men often experience a decrease in sexual desire - loss of libido and poor erections (erectile dysfunction). Some other low testosterone symptoms are mood swings, inability to concentrate, reduced energy, depression and osteoporosis (a decrease in bone mineral density) as well as, lowered sperm count and fertility. Outward low testosterone symptoms include a decrease in body mass and strength due to a loss in muscle tissue and an increase in body fat. Also, men may experience a loss of body hair, breast enlargement can occur and male testes may become smaller and softer due to low testosterone levels.

In recent years, our understanding of low testosterone in men has changed. Many of the testosterone deficiency symptoms listed above have been associated with the aging process rather than due to hormonal changes that men go through. Millions of women experience similar hormonal changes; however the medical profession relates their symptoms to menopause. There is a male equivalent, andropause. The main difference is the way men and women experience this change in hormones. The testosterone change is not as obvious in men because the process is much slower.

Low Testosterone Treatments

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Testosterone replacement methods include BHRT testosterone pellets, gels, creams, patches and testosterone injections. Once a doctor has evaluated your physical need for testosterone replacement, he will recommend a delivery method that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

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